Clove Oil: What This Mysterious Indonesian Spice Can Do For You

Unlock the power of this ancient spice and find instant relief from tooth and joint pain.

Master the clove, and you master the kitchen.

(And master your health, too!)

The clove flower bud is native to Indonesia. And if you’ve eaten Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, African or Asian foods, then you probably recognize the distinct flavor and aroma of this little spice.

The bud is picked off, dried and ground up into a fine powder that’s made its way into cuisines all over the world. You can buy whole dried clove buds at almost any local grocery store, which makes this versatile little spice an easy addition to your kitchen cabinet.

It’s also an easy addition to your medicine drawer.

See, cloves don’t just spice up curries and teas…or add a rich depth to your baklava. They also have wondrous healing properties and can be used to treat dental problems, osteoporosis, acne and a boatload of other medical issues.

Essential oils created from clove spice are awesome for treating these issues and more, primarily due to the key ingredient in clove – eugenol.

It’s All About The Eugenol

If your health was a football team, the clove could play almost every position. And the reason it’s so versatile is because clove oil contains highly concentrated amounts of eugenol. In fact it’s so concentrated that you have to be very careful about how much clove oil you use for any given treatment.

Don’t worry – we’ll cover more about safety precautions in a few minutes.

Eugenol is a well-known natural compound that has a jaw-dropping number of health benefits. It gives cloves their antiseptic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a great numbing agent, and a beautiful treatment for tooth pain.

It also pumps up your antioxidant levels, helping you fight dangerous free radicals and stay healthy longer. Reversing the damage from free radicals also protects you from oxidative stress, memory loss, and the effects of early aging.

There’s a concentration of over 80% of eugenol in clove oil. A little vial will go a long way.

Amazing Health Benefits of Clove Oil

Let’s get to the good stuff. What can clove oil do for you?

  • Get fast-acting pain relief for your toothache (and a host of other pains).
  • Destroy the parasites that attack your wounds and cuts.
  • Ease those aching joints
  • Double up on antioxidant healing power
  • Put your mind and body at ease

Want to know more? Check out the list below for the skinny on what clove oil is good for.

Sooth That Aching Mouth

Sore tooth? Cavity forming? Can’t get to a dentist right away to fix the pain?

Time to break out the clove oil.

Dentists are no stranger to clove oil’s active ingredient eugenol. For years, dentists have mixed eugenol with zinc oxide to create fixtures for the teeth. This mixture helps close up root canals while easing pain.

So naturally, you can use clove oil for temporary relief of dental pain. If you have a toothache and need something to get you by for a few days, mix a drop of clove oil with three drops of coconut oil (to dilute the effect) and rub it on your teeth and gums.

Its numbing effects are on par with most modern chemical treatments, so you get a natural solution to a natural problem. This will tide you over until you can get into the dentist.

But don’t trust a anyone that says clove oil can actually repair cavities. Our research doesn’t indicate that there’s any truth to this. It’s best to see a trusted dentist for that.

Keep Your Cuts Clean With Clove Oil

Clove oil is an antibacterial, antiseptic substance. Because it helps kill organisms and disinfect, it works great when applied to cuts, rashes, nail fungus, or wounds. It destroys tiny organisms before they have a chance to turn your injury into an infection.

Clove oil on its own is very strong, so dilute it by first adding one part clove oil to two parts olive oil. This softens the sting a bit, and is particularly necessary for those of you with sensitive skin.

Achy Everything?

Clove oil pumps up your blood circulation. When your blood circulates better, then your body gets better delivery of oxygen. This is critical for good overall health.

It also relieves any tension that may lead to headaches.

But in addition to that, we know that the anti-inflammatory properties of clove oil are just what you need to reduce pain associated with headaches and osteoporosis. These two conditions are caused by inflammation, which means clove oil can soothe your pain.

Try mixing some clove oil with a carrier oil. (Olive oil is a great option.) Rub it into your temples and sore spots, let sit for 30 minutes, then clean and dry. Your tired joints, muscles, and head will thank you.

Blast Those Free Radicals

It’s no secret that antioxidants are the portal to great health.

We can’t avoid the danger caused by the oxidation of our cells. So we have to do something to protect our precious bodies from the horrible effects of free radicals.

Thankfully, clove oil is chock full of antioxidants. It’s more densely packed than your favorite anti-oxidant fruits, which means it gives you more of what you need to keep your defenses up.

But don’t ingest clove oil. It’s not particularly good for your stomach, and has some toxicity in large doses.

Instead, put a few drops in your diffuser. Or mix with olive oil and apply topically to your chest. You could even mix it with your toothpaste to make sure you’re grabbing all the benefit you can from this priceless oil.

Don’t Get Stressed Out

Does the weight of the world have you down?

More and more things are competing for our precious attention. And we have less and less time to cover it all. No surprise – this leads to a world full of stressed-out people.

Clove oil is an extremely calming aromatic. In fact, it’s used quite extensively in boutique soaps and high-end perfumes. This is also a reason that cultures have smoked clove cigarettes for generations.

It means that clove oil unwinds that ball of stress you’re carrying around. It takes a bit of the weight off your shoulders so you can relax, decompress, and rest up for the next day.

It’s real easy to use, too. We’re not going to recommend you start smoking clove cigarettes, but we can recommend this: Put three drops in your diffuser and let it freshen up the air in your room. Try it out and melt away your stress.

Clear Up Skin With This Simple Clove Oil Trick

Ready to swat away those pimples? Inflammation in your skin causes acne, so let’s get at the root of the problem. Clove oil is anti-inflammatory, so it’s a great topical treatment for that pesky acne that you can’t seem to shake.

Rub a bit of diluted oil (try a carrier oil like olive oil) onto your acne. Remember that clove oil also increases the circulation of blood to the area, so in addition to priming your immune system to battle the acne, you’ll also see more youthful you when you look in the mirror!

Can I Use Clove Oil When I’m Pregnant?

That’s a tough one to answer. We suggest you check with your doctor to be sure. You can play it safe and avoid the possible toxicity of clove oil in large amounts, but chances are you’ll be fine if you use tiny amounts.

We’ve seen many reports of pregnant women using clove oil for toothaches with no negative side effects, so just take the proper precautions and you should be fine. When in doubt, call a medical professional.

The Foolproof Guide to Using Clove Oil

Dying to find out how to add clove oil to your daily regimen? Let’s get right to it!

Light Up the Air

The easiest way to spread the love is to put a few drops in your diffuser and let it work its magic.

This is a great way to clean the air, help stave off free radicals, and reduce your stress. It also just plan smells good, and we all know the benefits of aromatherapy.

Mix It With This Every Day Ingredient You Already Have

If you’re going to “get topical” with the treatment to fight acne, cure a cold, or battle joint inflammation, then make sure to dilute clove oil into olive oil. Clove oil on its own is extremely strong, so you don’t want to overdo it.

We recommend about one part clove oil to two parts olive oil for a safe, gentle blend. But feel free to increase the amount of olive oil if you feel our mix is still too strong.

Toothpaste For The Do-It-Yourselfers

Eugenol – the active ingredient in clove oil – is excellent for numbing tooth pain. Its antimicrobial properties also make it great for promoting solid gum health.

So why not put a drop on your toothbrush at night and use it with your regular toothpaste? Or if you’ve sworn off conventional toothpaste, then get a bit of turmeric paste [link to turmeric use article] and put a drop of clove oil in there, instead.

Where Can I Get My Hands on Clove Oil?

Find clove oil in any number of essential oil stores. (Link??)

Do yourself a favor and pick up some dried cloves for your kitchen, too!

Read This Warning Before You Use Clove Oil

We’ve already covered it a bit, but it bears repeating.

Clove oil is extremely potent. You may find that you have a reaction to its primary active ingredient (eugenol). So we recommend trying a very small dose at first to make sure you can tolerate it.

If you find yourself feeling a bit ill, dizzy, or with stomach issues, then stop using immediately.

Pregnant women should be careful in using clove oil. As we mentioned, try to use it in tiny amounts to stay safe. And never apply clove oil to small children. It’s simply too strong for them.

Can’t Go Wrong With Clove Oil

Clove oil is a fantastic essential oil that will keep you happy and healthy for a long time. Clove oil is chock full of antioxidants and has wonderful antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

It’s a staple for managing your tooth pain at home, and can do wonders to clear up your skin and reduce inflammation. It’s no wonder that clove oil has had a rich tradition in medicine over the centuries.

Pick up your clove oil here.