Citron Essential Oil

Citron Essential Oil is produced from citron fruit, also known scientifically as Citrus medica. Although classified as a citrus fruit, citron cannot be eaten, as it has a very thick rind or peel, and the pulp inside it produces very little or no juice, unlike other citrus fruits in its family such as oranges and lemons. As it was inedible, people from the ancient times found a purpose for the fruit, using it as a medicinal aid to treat gastro-intestinal and pulmonary illnesses. And as years go by it has been discovered that it can also be made into an essential oil with its own medicinal uses.

Citron Essential Oil has a light top note compared to other essential oils such as cinnamon oil. It has different uses but the most important one is its medicinal use. It is used to aid in treating several illnesses. It has antibiotic properties, which is essential in getting rid of infections in the body. Many people favor Citron Essential Oil for its purity. Once the oil has been extracted from the fruit, the only thing left to do is to filter it to get rid of solid particles. No other ingredient is added, which makes it more effective and a lot safer to use.

During the old times, Citron Essential Oil was used not only to heal certain ailments but also to elevate the spirits, in part because of its light fragrance that evokes light and jovial emotions. Citrus scents in general are light, and light fragrances tend to boost the mood.

Citron Essential Oil Benefits

You can get a lot of benefits from Citron Essential Oil. Its antibiotic properties are what make it effective for medicinal use. It has a host of benefits that include:

  • Citron Essential Oil does not contain chemicals or other harmful ingredients. Since cold pressing is the only procedure done to extract Citron Essential Oil and filtering solid particles come next, there is no more need to add other ingredients, meaning what you will be taking is pure and safe for the body.
  • Uplifts the spirit. Citrus scents in general evoke lightness and joy, so when it is inhaled the mood is brightened and any negative emotions are rid of.
  • Fights off illnesses. Its antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties are effective aids in curing and preventing certain illnesses.

Citron Essential Oil Uses

Citron Essential Oil has different purposes, and they are:

  1. Citron Essential Oil as Fragrance. Citron Essential Oil is diffused to give off a light and sweet fragrance in a room. It is also used in perfumes and other products such as soaps and lotions.
  2. Citron Essential Oil as an Antibiotic. Certain health issues are helped cured by Citron Essential Oil together with medication due to its antibiotic property.
  3. Citron Essential Oil as a Massage Blend. It can be mixed to massage oil so that the resulting aroma is more relaxing and more conducive to stress relief.
  4. Citron Essential Oil as an Anti-bacterial. Common bacterial illnesses are treated by Citron Essential Oil, thanks to its anti-bacterial property that aids in faster healing.
  5. Citron Essential Oil as a Mood Enhancer. The oil’s sweet top note promotes the enhancement of mood and the spirit is uplifted. Good mood is attributed to better health.

Citron Essential Oil Side Effects

Since Citron Essential Oil does not contain any other ingredients, it is highly concentrated. When applying the oil on skin, it must be diluted with water to counter the strong effects of the oil which may cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itchiness and irritation. Avoid getting the oil in or near the eyes as it will cause irritation on the membranes.

How to Use Citron Essential Oil

Citron Essential Oil can be applied directly onto skin, but it should be noted that the oil must be diluted in water and not used as is, because it is highly concentrated. A few drops of Citron Essential Oil should be enough. Excessive use may result in the irritation of the stomach’s lining.

How to Make Citron Essential Oil

The peel of the Sicilian citron fruit is cold pressed to extract the oil from it. The peel itself is very fragrant, and that’s what gives the essential oil its aroma that many people love. In the old times when technology was sparse, the process of oil extraction was by manually pressing the citron peels into a sponge which then absorbed the oil and transferred into a container.

Citron Essential Oil Recipe

You can make a homemade Citron Essential Oil with only 1 ingredient and a few items. Here’s how.


  • Citron fruit
  • Peeler
  • Wide-mouth container
  • Sieve


  1. Wash the citron fruit thoroughly and peel the rind off the pulp using the peeler. Using the hands to peel off the rind may result in pulp getting into the rind, which is not needed for the oil.
  2. Place several pieces of the peel onto the sieve. Apply great pressure on the sieve so that the oil is extracted.
  3. Make sure that you have the container placed right under the sieve to collect the oil coming from the peel. This procedure may take a while as little oil can be extracted from the peel.
  4. Some liquid such as the water you used to wash the fruit and your hands with may also be collected in the container.
  5. Once all the peels have been pressed, let the extracted oil stand for several days. This will separate the oil from the liquid in the container.
  6. Another easy way to separate the oil is to place the container in the freezer. The liquid will freeze while the oil will remain in its original state. Pour the oil into a separate container.

Where to Buy Citron Essential Oil

If you cannot make your own homemade Citron Essential Oil, the Internet is a great place to find a supplier. You can buy from Amazon, eBay or other suppliers. You can also find local manufacturers of Citron Essential Oil. Make sure though that before you purchase the product, you have checked the legitimacy of the supplier and the effectiveness of the oil.

More Information on Citron Essential Oil

Citron Essential Oil can cause phototoxicity. Phototoxicity can happen when Citron Essential Oil is applied on the skin and the skin is exposed to ultraviolet UVA light. The result looks like a bad sunburn. The skin may experience irritation due to the reaction of the oil to the light.

Flavedo is the outer layer of citron fruit’s rind, and this part contains the antibiotic properties of the fruit. Citron Essential Oil has been in use for centuries, and during the medieval times, it was also used for religious purposes, particularly is Judaism and Buddhism.