The 12 Causes of Chapped Lips You Should Be Aware Of

The skin on the lips is one of the most sensitive compared to the rest of the body. The lips do not contain oil glands; hence, they are more susceptible to drying out. Chapped lips, sometimes called cracked or sunburned lips, are a health condition characterized by mild to extreme dryness on the surface of the upper lip, lower lip, on both corners of the mouth, or the philtrum (tip of the lip). This condition can happen to anyone regardless of age and location (though those living in some specific locations have higher risks for developing chapped lips). 

Some signs of chapped lips are severe dryness, scale-like particles on the lips, swelling, mild sores, peeling, and bleeding. This condition is usually unalarming as anyone can treat it in many ways, like applying preventive measures, leaning on home remedies (lip balms, ointments), and taking prescribed medicines. 

However, some cases of chapped lips can become severe; this condition is called cheilitis. It usually develops because of an infection in the mouth which would lead to serious dryness and lifelessness of the lips. If the situation persists and can no longer be resolved through the following treatments, it is best to seek medical help from dermatologists.


One of the essentials for any form of life is water, and humans are not an exemption. The human body consists of about 60 percent water depending on age, sex, and height. Research also states that many diseases develop and are acquired due to insufficient daily water or fluid intake. Sometimes, the water that gets into the body is lesser than what it excretes every day; such an occurrence is called dehydration. Among other parts of the body, the sign of experiencing dehydration is most noticeable on the lips. 

Since the skin on the lips is too thin, the cracks on the surface are easily seen when they get dry. Therefore, dehydration is considered one of the most common causes of having chapped and dry lips. Furthermore, water gives life and nourishment, so to lighten the skin, and maintain healthy, glowing, pinkish, and plump lips, properly hydrate the body with at least 8 to 10 glasses of pure water. When exposed to the heat of the sun, or the body comes from a strenuous exercise, make sure to replenish the lost fluids by taking in more, partnered with the proper amount of rest.