12 Common Signs Of Blood Clot In Arm You Shouldn’t Ignore (List)

Pain and Tenderness

Soreness in the arm is a prevalent symptom related to various symptoms. Arm pain or tenderness is described as a discomfort, stiffness, or a tingling sensation, which may occur for multiple reasons.

An injury commonly causes arm pain. It may result from a broken bone, muscle strain, ligament sprain, or inflammation. It may also appear as a result of using the arm too much, occurring in part during strenuous activities like sports.

Sometimes, arm pain is associated with a heart attack. For example, the heart condition Angina, caused by decreased blood flow to the heart and its muscles, often comes with pain in the left arm or both. When it is due to a heart attack, arm pain may come on suddenly, along with shortness of breath or chest pain. It is an emergency to be given immediate medical attention. But so is a blood clot.

When a blood clot causes arm pain, it should feel like cramping. Such pain is typically linked to issues with circulation and veins and blood clots.