What Causes Bleeding Gums? 13 Possible Causes You Should Know

Improper Tooth Cleaning

Sometimes, bleeding gums happens because of carelessness. Daily brushing and flossing might be necessary, but it is possible to take things too far. Brushing too hard or using a toothbrush with stiff bristles can damage the teeth and the gums. Some often believe that they have to scour the inside of their mouth to clean it out thoroughly. However, that is an impossible goal since there will always be remnants. The best thing someone can do is remove plaque, which allows bacterial buildup on the teeth and gums. The ideal way to clean the teeth is to brush gently but thoroughly, without hurrying. This is to ensure that every part of the mouth gets attention.

Besides brushing, some people can be harsh when it comes to flossing. A common mistake they make is that they pull the floss directly down on the gums. This method can significantly hurt the gums. Proper flossing is about cleaning teeth and not the gums. Flossing aims to remove plaque and food bits, so the floss should act more like a scraper on the surface of the teeth to ensure better cleaning.