12 Signs of Atherosclerosis – Don’t Ignore The Symptoms (Arteriosclerosis)

Sudden Arm and Leg Numbness and Weakness 

Doctors refer to the condition where someone experiences sudden numbness and weakness of the arms and legs as paresthesia. A tingling sensation often accompanies the condition, and if they persist, it could indicate a more serious underlying medical condition. 

According to medical experts, paresthesia can manifest because of several factors. Among them include sitting cross-legged, standing or sitting on one position for a long time, or falling asleep on your arm. However, doctors are quick to point out that insect bites, mercury, and other toxins found on seafood and abnormally low levels of vitamin B12, sodium, calcium, and potassium could also cause paresthesia. 

Doctors also warn against the connection between paresthesia and atherosclerosis. Instead, they believe that plaque buildup in the arteries leading to the arms, legs, and other extremities could lead to the lower blood supply being absorbed, which could also result in tingling, numbness, and muscle atrophy leading to a weakened state. However, they also say that if the condition persists without any apparent cause, it’s time to see a doctor for a consultation. Possible treatments include topical ointments, supplements, physical therapy, regular exercise, wearing a brace or a medical-grade splint, and dietary changes.