Ajwain Essential Oil

Ajwain Essential Oil is derived from the seed of the Ajwain plant. This is an herbal plant that is commonly found in India, as well as middle eastern countries. It is known for its various names, including Ajowan, Trachyspermum copticum, Carum copticum, and Trachyspermum ammi. The seed has been used for cooking and treatment of various health problems, including digestive concerns. Ajwain Essential Oil on the other hand also has lots of health benefits ranging from treating different diseases to the care of skin.

Ajwain Essential Oil differs in color ranging from light orange to brownish or reddish color. The oil also has a peppery smell that will also remind you of the smell of thyme. Various compounds are found in this essential oil, including but not limited to thymol, beta-pinene, p-cymene, and gamma-terpinene. Other components are terpinene-4-ol, limonene, carvacrol, beta-myrcene, alpha-thujene, and alpha-pinene. It has various properties that have great benefits on health, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, insecticidal, and antimicrobial.

Ajwain has been long used for treating various health problems in different parts of the world, including India. Today, the essential oil extracted from the seed of this herbal plant can be conveniently used for the treatment of various diseases, as well as in skin care. It can be inhaled or applied on the body by massaging it to the affected part. Watch out on its use you are on a weight-loss diet as it can increase appetite. However, this can be beneficial if you wish to gain weight.

Ajwain Essential Oil Benefits

The use of Ajwain Essential Oil has several benefits and these include the following:

  • Kills fungus
  • Treats flu
  • Allows better breathing
  • Prevents cancer
  • Treats common colds
  • Relieves pain
  • Makes skin healthier
  • It calms the senses
  • Fights fungus
  • Improves reproductive system
  • Treats UTI and kidney infection
  • Cures respiratory problems
  • Treats diarrhea and cholera

In a study made in 2014, the researchers found that this essential oil was effective in eliminating free radicals and toxins in the body. One of its active ingredients, which is thymol, is the reason for this. According to the tests made, its effect can be compared to that of gallic acid and vitamin C. On the same year, another study was made this time to see the inflammatory properties of this essential oil and the result was positive. It was effective in reducing nitric oxide release, which causes inflammation.

Ajwain Essential Oil Uses

  1. Ajwain Essential Oil as ant-inflammatory agent. Nitric oxide is released from white blood cells, which causes inflammation. This oil has been proven to treat inflammation due to its components, including p-cymene, beta-pinene, and gamma-terpinene.
  2. Ajwain Essential Oil as antioxidant agent. It can remove free radicals and toxic substances in the body that can cause cancer, and can also have a negative effect on your skin.
  3. Ajwain Essential Oil as antibacterial agent. Its active ingredient, thymol, together with its other components like beta-pinene and alpha-pinene, are effective in fighting several kinds of bacteria, including Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes.
  4. Ajwain Essential Oil as treatment for respiratory problems. This oil can relax the bronchi allowing more oxygen to pass through the lungs, making you breathe better.
  5. Ajwain Essential Oil as antifungal agent. It is not just effective in killing bacteria, but fungi too including yeast and mold. Beta-pinene and thymol are its main ingredients for fighting fungi.
  6. Ajwain Essential Oil as heart treatment. It has properties for treating various heart diseases.
  7. Ajwain Essential Oil as reproductive health enhancer. It also has aphrodisiac effect that enhances the sex drive, as well as the overall reproductive health.
  8. Ajwain Essential Oil for relaxation. It’s used for aromatherapy as it allows the body and mind to relax and be calm.
  9. Ajwain Essential Oil as pain reliever. This oil is effective in treating various kinds of pain in the body, including arthritis and ear pain. Drop the oil on the affected ear or massage it on the painful body part.
  10. Ajwain Essential Oil as cancer treatment. Studies showed that it could stop the growth of cancer cells.
  11. Ajwain Essential Oil as common cold and flu treatment. Those suffering from common colds may apply this oil on a thin cloth and smell it. As a flu treatment, it can be mixed with cinnamon bark and boiled water to take three times a day.

Ajwain Essential Oil Side Effects

There are no known side effects to using this oil, aside from an increase in appetite.

How to Use Ajwain Essential Oil

There are various ways on how to use Ajwain Essential Oil.

  • Inhaling. Use a diffuser to make a few drops of this oil relieve coughs and sinuses by inhaling on it. You may also apply some on a thin cloth for you to smell.
  • Drops. Apply a drop of this essential oil in the affected ear to relieve pain.
  • Massaging. Apply and massage to any part of the body to relax or alleviate pain.
  • Ingestion. It can be mixed with boiled water and other ingredients like cinnamon bark to treat various health concerns like flu.

How to Make Ajwain Essential Oil

Ajwain Essential Oil is made through a process called steam distillation. This makes use of the seeds of the Ajwain herbal plant. The oil is extracted through this process as it is non-volatile or it doesn’t easily evaporate on high temperature, unlike the remaining substances of the seed.

Ajwain Essential Oil Recipe

This essential oil can be mixed with other ingredients in order to treat various health problems, including the relief of stomach pain and treatment for fever.

  • Stomachache Relief Recipe:

Mix 2 drops of Ajwain Essential Oil with the same part of dill seed oil and 2 ml of sesame oil. Massage this on your stomach to relieve stomachache. This can also treat digestion problems, ulcer pain, and flatulence.

  • Fever Treatment Recipe:

Mix together 1 drop of black cumin seed oil, 2 drops of Ajwain Essential Oil, and 1.5 ml coconut oil. Massage this on the sole of your feet to treat fever. This mixture has antiseptic properties and it enhances the immune system.

Where to Buy Ajwain Essential Oil Recipe

Ajwain Essential Oil is available on stores selling essential oils and aromatherapy products. It is also conveniently available on the web. Make sure that you are dealing with a trusted seller or supplier online. One of the trusted brands to try is Deve Herbes.

More Information on Ajwain Essential Oil Recipe

  • It is generally safe to be used for pregnant women and babies, although it is still recommended to check with a physician prior to using it.
  • The Sanskrit name of the plant where the oil is extracted is Ugragandha because of its strong smell.
  • This essential oil has a taste that is a combination of pepper, anise, and thyme.
  • It has been used in World War II for treating wounds because it has antiseptic properties.
  • The use of Ajwain Essential Oil has been studied on laboratories, but no formal clinical trials has been done. This is why it is still best that you consult your doctor prior to using this essential oil.
  • Studies made in 2012 and 2015 both showed that this oil was effective in killing different types of bacteria, including Escherichia coli and Listeria monocytogenes.
  • A study proved how efficient it is in killing insects like mosquitoes and preventing them from multiplying.