What Causes Acid Reflux? 13 Causes To Consider


When some women get pregnant for the first time, they will likely experience acid reflux. The condition is due to the increased hormone levels, which relax the sphincter muscle, and the pressure from fetus growth. The worst acid reflux condition typically occurs in the third trimester and disappears after the baby’s birth. 

The acid reflux condition disappears after the birth of the baby. But it can occur when the woman gets pregnant again. A pregnant woman can pay attention to their diet and avoid foods that can trigger the condition, such as caffeine, carbonated beverages, tomato-based items, acidic fruits, spicy foods, fatty foods, and chocolate.  

Aside from choosing the food to eat, a pregnant woman can do other things. For example, eating smaller meals often. Likewise, avoid drinking water while eating. Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly. Staying upright for about one hour after a meal will help. Taking a leisurely walk can help digestion. It will also help to wear loose-fitting clothes. Another thing that could help is chewing sugarless gum after the meal to increase saliva, which will neutralize the acid rising from the esophagus.