13 Effective Dark Circles Home Remedies You Should Try

While dark circles under the eyes look bad, they’re not exactly a medical emergency. It is only a sign that the body is under stress. However, those who want to look their best might not appreciate seeing them in the mirror. 

Dark circles can affect everyone, and all ages, races, and sexes can experience it. There are a variety of reasons for dark circles forming. The most common cause is simply the lack of sleep. When the body does not get enough sleep, the skin underneath the eyes becomes paler. The result is that the blood passing through the area makes it look darker. 

Another reason can be the constant rubbing of the eyes. The action could damage the blood vessels underneath, resulting in blood spreading in the area. It could also be dermatitis since that can cause dilation in the blood vessels under the eye. The increased blood flow would be visible, especially for those with pale skin. Another common reason for dark circles is aging. When the skin ages, it gets looser around the area of the eyes. The result is similar to the skin becoming paler, resulting in visible blood vessels. 

With all these potential reasons, dealing with dark circles requires complex solutions. However, there are several home remedies available for this condition.

Enough Sleep

The simplest solution to dark circles under the eyes is getting enough sleep. Rest is crucial in ensuring the body recovers daily challenges, so getting additional hours in bed can be very beneficial. The results won’t be immediately noticeable, but several weeks of good sleep can rejuvenate the body and skin enough to remove the dark circles under the eyes.

However, the main difficulty is getting the right amount of sleep. Most of the time, it is a problem of scheduling and balancing commitments. Working overtime and overwork should be avoided by those suffering from dark circles. While it is admirable, it can damage a person’s health. People should limit their work to the right time and set aside enough time to sleep. The all-night pub crawls, or the extended overtime, is not helping with the dark circles. While they might be occasionally fun or necessary, these occasions should only happen rarely. Besides ensuring that dark circles don’t appear, a proper sleep schedule can prevent many health problems. Those who have trouble sleeping should take sleeping pills to ensure adequate rest.