13 Effective Remedies To Help You Treat Chest Congestion At Home

Chest congestion is a condition that results in difficulty breathing due to inflamed air passages in the lungs brought by viruses. When the lungs are swollen due to inflammation and covered with thick fluid or mucus, excess fluids constrict the airflow of the lungs. Though it may not be a serious problem, it can lead to serious medical conditions like pneumonia if not treated immediately.

Among the usual signs that a person is having chest congestion are sore throat, chills and body aches, headache, and fever. Other symptoms are chest tightness, and a cough with dark yellow, clear, or green mucus. These symptoms may fade in a few days, but a cough may last for weeks.

If this condition still persists for more than 14 days, consider going to a doctor. You may need a different treatment as chest congestion could be a sign of pneumonia. Aside from the mucus buildup, other causes of chest congestion are smoking, allergies, and infections.

Here are some remedies that can be used at home to treat chest congestion:

Air Humidifier

A person experiencing chest congestion can use a humidifier as a home remedy. A cool mist humidifier is among the most popular types. A humidifier can assist in decreasing and cleaning up the mucus that has been stuck in the lungs. This device increases moisture in the air and guards against skin, nose, and throat dryness.

Using a humidifier at night is ideal and it is best to place it next to the bed. As the congestion is relieved, it makes breathing easier and improves nighttime sleep. Moreover, closing the window and doors is essential to ensure no vapor exits the room.

If a humidifier is not available, another option is to use a homemade steam room at home. Aside from that, some DIY humidifiers that can be tried at home are the shower sauna, bowl, and towel.

In the shower sauna, let the hot shower drop and let the water evaporate. While with a bowl and towel, the bowl is filled with hot water, then, lean over the bowl with a towel over the head to trap the steam on the face. If the heat becomes overwhelming and uncomfortable, remove yourself from it.