What Could Trigger Hair Breakage? 12 Possible Causes


Several researchers have linked stress to hair loss, but it’s already known that stress can cause hair breakage. In relation to this, a prevalent form of alopecia called telogen effluvium is most likely connected to hair loss due to stress. When under a high-stress level, the follicles become inactive, which can cause hair in the middle of a growth cycle to fall out. Old hair may start to fall off as well. 

Stress management may result in healthier hair. The majority of the public discovers that their hair grows back after the stress has subsided. One way to cope with the stress that causes hair breakage and thinning includes practicing relaxation techniques. Exercise and being surrounded by positive people also help manage stress.

Most importantly, people should visit their doctor to rule out any underlying conditions if they notice unusually large volumes of hair falling out. Large amounts of stress can occasionally cause the body’s immune system to become self-aggressive and assault the hair follicles. Anxiety and concern can also stop the hair from growing, increasing the likelihood of hair falling when brushing.