Foods High in Zinc – How Many of These Do You Eat?

Zinc is an inorganic compound and mineral that is essential to the body because it is vital in hundreds of enzymatic reactions. Consuming foods rich with it is necessary. Lack of intake of foods high in zinc can lead to zinc deficiency. This is a malnutrition problem, which happens worldwide. Infants, kids, and pregnant/lactating females are the ones who are at risk the most with this health issue. The foods listed below are scientifically proven to contain sufficient amounts of zinc that the body needs on a daily basis.

1. Lamb

Lamb is one of the expensive meats in the market. You can rarely see it in fast food restaurants. Nevertheless, the price tag it has is justifiable because it is a proven rich source of several essential vitamins and minerals. A 3-oz serving of this meat contains about 6.7 mg of zinc, which is equivalent to 45% DV. Cooked trimmed cuts of lamb contain 4.46 mg (41% DV), the braised foreshank contains 7.69 mg (70% DV) and the roasted whole leg contains 4.4 mg (40% DV). Aside from zinc, this meat also has vitamin B complex, iron, phosphorus and selenium.