15 Impressive Health Benefits Of Drinking Water (Eat More?)

Lubricates Joints

Cartilage, which is present in joints and spinal disks, comprises around 80 percent water. Water also makes up most of the synovial fluid, which lubricates joints. The body takes water from cartilage and other tissues when it’s dehydrated, and this can be damaging to joints. Dehydration over time can lessen the joints’ capacity to absorb shock, causing joint discomfort.

Muscle growth is aided by water, which further protects joints. About 75 percent of muscle tissue is made up of water, contributing to the formation of the protein that protects and stabilizes joints. Dehydration can lower muscular tone by inhibiting muscle contraction. Synovial fluid may provide nutrients, stress absorption, lubrication, and joint cushioning if sufficiently hydrated.

Hydrated cartilage has a soft and smooth texture. But when it is dehydrated, friction might occur and hurt. The cartilage stiffens as it dries out, resembling a soft, pliable sponge. In addition, water helps in relieving pain by reducing swelling. Even though drinking more water won’t totally cure joint pain, hydrating the body can help with the symptoms.