What Are The Causes Of Chin Acne? 12 Common Triggers

Specific Medications

Some medications can also cause acne, particularly chin acne. Among the common drugs that trigger acne breakouts or acne-like eruptions include lithium, corticosteroids, DHEA, barbiturates, anticonvulsants, androgenic steroids, and those with iodides or bromides.

Expect possible acne breakouts after having anticonvulsant or lithium, a medication for bipolar disorder. Meanwhile, DHEA is a hormone that some individuals use as an anti-aging supplement. For iodides or bromides, some cough medications or sedatives contain them.

On the other hand, the cause of most acne is not related to taking specific medications. Health experts confirm that chin acne caused by particular medications is very rare. Moreover, people who are commonly affected by drug-related acne are teens and adults. It is also mentioned that the acne found in these individuals is not true acne but called ‘acneiform’ drug eruption.

Additionally, most acne caused by the medications mentioned earlier appears on the back and chest. But, they’re worth mentioning since these acne can also appear on the face, including the chin. These medicine-related acnes are small, red papules of the same size and shape.

Once chin acne is suspected to be medicine-related, it will disappear once the person stops taking the medication that causes them. However, these acnes are sometimes a bit slow to clear up.