What Could Cause Burning Eyes? 12 Possible Triggers (List)


They are found in countless products and compose most objects seen daily. From the liquid sprayed on the hair to the colorful nail polish, and from the clothes and bags worn to the detergent used to clean them, they are everywhere! Yet, though humans are aware of their existence and function daily, most people do not see the harm they may cause to health and the person’s complete well-being.

Most chemicals in household products are composed of formaldehyde (irritates skin, eyes, and throat) and pesticides (kills insects, pests, and animals – the same way burns the skin of a human being.) Household products such as detergents containing formaldehyde, chlorine, and phosphates); latex paints with formaldehyde as its main ingredient; insecticides (chlorpyrifos, permethrin, propoxur, etc.); air fresheners (formaldehyde and aerosol propellants); and antibacterial cleaners (pesticides) substantially irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and burns the skin. Exposure to massive amounts of these chemicals could result in dizziness and extreme headache. If the irritation becomes too strong, cancer and brain damage are only a few diseases that may develop in the body.

Direct contact could result in burning eyes, temporary loss of vision, or in worse cases, blindness.