Birch Essential Oil

Birch Essential Oil is commonly known as Sweet Birch Oil. It has its own history of treating fatigue as well as sore muscles. The said oil is filled with numerous methyl salicylates that make it remarkable for its healing properties. In addition, the presence of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate offers skin therapy especially for dry and undernourished skin types.

Birch Essential Oil is extracted from the bark of Birch (Betula lenta). This plant belongs to the Family Betulaceae that originates from Canada. Its color ranges from clear to pale yellow. The consistency of its bark is thin, the primary reason why pulverizing the bark is an easy task to do. Birch Essential Oil is aromatic for it diffuses a wide array of relaxing smells. It can have a smell similar to wintergreen or a fresh minty smell. This essential oil also works best when blended with mint oils, woody oils, citrus oils, sandalwood oils, palo santo oils, rosemary oils, balsamic oils or jasmine oils.

Birch Essential Oil Benefits

  • Regulates blood flow and active function of circulatory system
  • Regulates oxygen uptake of the respiratory system
  • Soothes fatigue, sore muscles and joints through massage therapies
  • Lessens secretion of excessive oils in the skin
  • Promotes warmth and strength through its aromatic smell
  • Provides inner understanding of one self and increases the likelihood of experiencing self-actualization.
  • Cures signs of depression and anxiety

Birch Essential Oil Uses

  1. Birch Essential Oil as Antiseptic and Disinfectant. The two components present in Birch Essential Oil namely salicylic acid and methyl salicylate are known for their germicidal and bactericidal properties. Using this protects the skin from irritation brought by bacteria and fungi.
  2. Birch Essential Oil as Antidepressant and Stimulant. Birch Essential Oil stimulates several systems of the body such as nervous, digestive, circulatory and excretory systems. Reports have shown that it also stimulates the secretion of enzymes and hormones in endocrine glands. Using this oil as a stimulant regulates and fixes the irregular hormonal secretions. One example of this is diabetes where there is an abnormal insulin production or insulin inefficiency.
  3. Birch Essential Oil as Analgesic and Antispasmodic. Pain is reduced when Birch Essential Oil is applied to sore muscles and joints. Taking in Birch Essential Oil can also treat headaches and toothaches. It is highly recommended for people who suffer from cramps.
  4. Birch Essential Oil as Antirheumatic and Anti-arthritic. Improper function of the circulatory system often leads to numerous problems such as edema, arthritis, and rheumatism. Since Birch Essential Oil also acts as a detoxifier, it can remove harmful and excessive toxins inside the body.
  5. Birch Essential Oil as Detoxifier and Depurative. When a person uses Birch Essential Oil, he/she experiences increased perspiration and urination. This is possible due to the diuretic and stimulant nature of the Birch Essential Oil. Toxins such as uric acid from the blood are removed. It purifies the blood, giving a healthy blood circulation.
  6. Birch Essential Oil as Germicide and Insecticide. Because of the presence of salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, Birch Essential Oil acts as a germicide and insecticide. Ring worms and some other skin infections are treated with creams and body lotions containing Birch Essential Oil.
  7. Birch Essential Oil as Astringent and Tonic. External application of Birch Essential Oil has anti-aging effects thereby reducing the sagging of the skin and muscles. It can also reduce the wrinkles on the face giving the user a younger look. Since it acts as an astringent, gums, muscles and hair are strengthened and tightened. Regaining the elasticity implies a younger look and youthful lifestyle even at user’s old age.
  8. Birch Essential Oil as Febrifuge. It treats fever by decreasing the body temperature. Heat goes out of the body in the form of perspiration. This also aids in the removal of toxic materials inside the body thereby fastening the recovery of an ill patient.
  9. Birch Essential Oil as Diuretic. It also contains two other components, Betulenol and Betulene. People who ingest Birch Essential Oil lose weight by promoting digestion and increasing metabolism. Since Birch Essential Oil increases urination, formation of kidney stones, gout and arthritis is combatted.

Birch Essential Oil Side Effects

Although Birch Essential Oil is considered to be non-toxic in nature, use of small amounts only is highly recommended. Birch Essential Oil has to be diluted with water.

  1. Aspirin Allergy. People who suffer from aspirin allergy are not allowed to use this essential oil because it may cause adverse reactions to the body. This is because an active ingredient of aspirin which is methyl salicylate is present in Birch Essential Oil at large amounts. This is also the reason why it cannot be taken internally. In relation to this, Birch Essential Oil is not recommended to be applied on mucous membranes and open wounds
  2. Since the odor of Birch Essential Oil is enticing because of its sharp minty smell, it attracts small children. Children often mistakenly eat this because they think it’s a candy syrup.
  3. Pregnant Women. Women who have experienced seizures before are not allowed to take in Birch Essential Oil. Use of Birch Essential Oil increases the chance of having preeclampsia. In this case, large amounts of Birch Essential Oil may cause abortive cases.

How to Use Birch Essential Oil

There are so many ways on how to use Birch Essential Oil and these are just some of those:

  1. Massage Oil. Few drops are poured on to the palm and gently massaged to the area of fatigued muscles.
  2. Because of Birch Essential Oil’s soothing aroma, few drops can be added to a diffuser. This can take away the foul odor present in the air and replace it with a relaxing aroma. In this case, mental clarity and happiness can now be achieved.
  3. Skin Product. It has the capability of moisturizing, cleansing and removing stress on skin brought by pollution, stress and other chemicals. One to two drops of Birch Essential Oil is applied to the neck and shoulders twice or thrice a day. This relieves tension. Mixing the oil with helichrysum brings an optimal result to the skin.
  4. Body Wash. A drop or two of Birch Essential Oil to warm water will bring a relaxing feel during and after taking a bath. This is recommended for sore body and fatigued areas brought by intense workout, stress or work.

How to Make Birch Essential Oil

The general process involves the steam distillation of the bark of Betula lenta trees. Shown below is an overview of how Birch Essential Oil is extracted.

  1. Barks of Birch tree are extracted using a system of passing steam. It makes use of varying vaporization temperatures of the components of Birch tree barks. The oil is extracted after it has passed through the distillation column.
  2. The oil can be separated due to its lesser solubility in boiling water than other complex chemicals.
  3. The oil is now released and no damage is found in its delicate components. At this point, the water vapor and oil is returned to its liquid form in the condensing apparatus.
  4. The two components left are separated through the Florentine separator. Birch Essential Oil can now be placed in containers.

Birch Essential Oil Recipe

There are two ways on how to make your own Birch Essential Oil. Recipes depend on what age group does the user belong.

  1. For children. This age group’s soothing blend would include the mixture of the following: 2 drops of Birch Essential Oil, Lavender Oil and, Blue Chamomile Oil, single drop of Spearmint Oil and half ounce of a carrier oil. After mixing everything, put the solution in a clean container. When needed, rub a few drops on the abdomen before going to bed.
  2. For adults. The same process is done but it only varies on the amount of each component. Before applying it topically, two drops of Birch Essential Oil must be mixed with 4 drops of Marjoram Oil, 3 drops of Helichrysum Oil, 2 drops of Ginger Oil and half an ounce of Carrier Oil. In this manner, Birch Essential Oil can now be effectively used on fatigued areas and joints.

Where to Buy Birch Essential Oil

Birch Essential Oil is accessible only to some countries while some sell this oil at higher rates due to its rarity. However, there are online stores (e.g. eBay) that sell it. Popular brands include Floracopeia, Avi Naturals, Edens Garden, Organic Creations, and many more brands.

More Information on Birch Essential Oil

  • It has a refreshing aroma that gives comfort to the stressed body and clouded mind.
  • Its bark is manufactured as a herbal tea in local areas of Native America and Europe.
  • It can soothe the feet after running.
  • it is used as fragrance in perfumes of men.
  • Itl is added to chewing gums, tooth paste and root beer for added flavor and distinctive taste.