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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – Everything you need to know about it

There are many guides available about working out, weight loss program, getting in shape, etc. but a different one got my attention. It is about unlocking hip flexors, which I don’t know a lot about. Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a guide that teaches us about the benefits of loosening the hip flexor muscles (psoas) which will lead to a lot of good stuff. Multiple Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews are scattered on the net and we’re unsure whether the program is legit or a bust.

Different Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews claim that by doing the program for just 15 minutes daily everything falls into place.

What causes tight hip flexors?

To start off, let me give you a brief introduction on what hip flexors are. Psoas, the muscle responsible for holding our upper bodies in connection to our lower bodies are stiffened because of not being moved frequently – just like any other muscle.

Generally speaking, sitting down for longer hours is actually the reason for it. It hardens the muscles around your hips and worse, it can take lives. Other negativities linked to this are:

  • Digestion retardation;
  • Chances of cancer are heightened;
  • Heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure can occur; and
  • Can cause postural problems

The program and its content

To let you know more about the program, we’ll be detailing what it contains. To point out, it’s made to help individuals who have tight hip flexors and has two main parts:

  1. Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors PDF, Video coaching exercises
  2. Follow along videos

In total, there are ten of these Hip Flexors exercises which are programmed to exercise the muscles in and around your hips. Since it is responsible for the connection of the upper and lower body, it’s imperative to train it every now and then to keep it from stiffening. The program lasts for a total of twenty-one minutes.

In the videos, you will see Rick Kaselj working with someone and they try and demonstrate each of the movements. The degree of difficulty of the exercise ranges from toning (light) to strengthening (medium).

In addition to the informative videos, there is a 63-page manual about hip flexors which explains a lot of things including why this muscle is important and the effects of these muscles being stiff. Different Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews state that the program is efficient since it provides a documented process and videos to better help people who need the program.

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The benefits of purchasing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors package:

Generally, the program does not only unlock your hip flexors, it also complements other muscles and development of our bodies. To name a few, here are the other benefits of the package:

  • It reduces strain by exercising and stretching hip muscles;
  • Helps in the correction of posture;
  • It targets difficult, hard-to-reach, and hidden muscles – you unlock your hips;
  • Aids in your sluggish daily life and your circulatory issues;
  • Decreases walking issues which promote discomfort;
  • Reduces sleep troubles; and
  • It gives strength and energy in performing exercises

Do I need special equipment to perform exercises in the program?

One benefit of the program is that it doesn’t require you to visit any place or to buy special equipment. You can do the exercises immediately when you wake up; you can do the exercises anywhere at any given time. Although to heighten the mood and to put you in an ambiance of working out, you might want to buy a sports or yoga mat.

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Can anyone undergo the program?

Although it’s made for people who are having back problems, it might not be recommended to everyone. It’s suggested for people who experiences hip, joint, or back pain.

However, it’s not recommended to people who recently had surgery concerning the hips or lower back. If you’re part of this demographic, it’s better to consult your therapist prior to purchasing the program.

Added bonuses and features

  • Unlock Hip Flexors Video Coaching
  • Unlock Hip Flexors Manual PDF
  • Unlock Your Tight Hamstring Video Coaching
  • Unlock Your Tight Hamstring Manual PDF
  • The Ultimate 7-Day Anti-inflammatory Diet Manual PDF

There are nine workout routines with 5-minute durations each in the Unlock Your Hamstrings program. Overall, they’re a combination of Static Stretching, Isometric Stretching, Muscle activation, Dynamic Stretching, Eccentric Training, and 3D Core Stability Exercises.


  • They’re easy-to-follow and perform;
  • You can save a lot because you won’t need to go anywhere and no need for you to buy anything;
  • The price is reasonable for something that promises a lot of things;
  • It can be done even with limited space;
  • The program is safe – even or beginners;
  • Not time-consuming because it can be done in under 30 minutes;
  • Supported with a 60-day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked


  • The manuals have jargons which would be quite confusing for beginners;
  • It doesn’t come with a physical book – everything is digital; and
  • Not all people are recommended to undergo the program.

Final Verdict

Is it legit or another scam? To my surprise, a majority of Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews online tell that the program helped them in every way possible. Although there are people not siding with that, it may be because they’re not doing the exercises correctly. It’s safe to say that the program is definitely legit and the man created this program is experienced enough and is a worldly-known injury specialist. The program is light, safe, and easy, which can be performed by an ordinary person. With clear instructions, simple, detailed with brief explanations.

The program can benefit all people – beginners, experts, also for athletes. It’s goal is to help people unlock their hip flexors to enjoy a better, healthier, and much more enjoyable lives.

If you have questions regarding the program or if you’re looking for discounts and coupons, visit their website at http://www.unlockyourhipflexors.com/.

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