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Tranquillis Reviews (Howard Briggs): Can it Really *Mute* Tinnitus & Legit or Scam?

Deterioration of health comes with old age, and one of its possible causes is Tinnitus. Today I’ll be sharing my review of Tranquillis, a remedy concocted by Howard Briggs targeting the said problem of many people.

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The manufacturer of Tranquillis, Howard Briggs had experienced firsthand tinnitus three years ago upon the making of the text presentation available on his website, and has been suffering from the said burden for over seven years before curing it with his very own remedy, which he made together with a doctor named Dr. Edgar Lambert.

In the story of his experience in having tinnitus shown in his website he explained what he had gone through upon having tinnitus, and the misconception that he had and a lot of people have when hearing tinnitus.

And Howard Briggs gave out a thorough explanation of what it really is. He explained that tinnitus is not a condition, but instead a symptom. it’s actually a sign the brain is trying to make to tell you that there is something wrong deeper than what you can hear.

To find out more let’s delve deeper into this review of Tranquillis to see more about tinnitus, a symptom in which 15% of the general population of America is said to be affected of, and see if finally, we found the remedy.

Cause and Effects of Tinnitus

Before anything else let’s discuss first the cause and effects of tinnitus, in able to at least have a general idea of what kind of action can we take in able to at least avoid it happening to us.


It was reported that causes of tinnitus varies but the following two are said to be the most common, while the last one is the reason Howard Briggs stated as the plausible cause of tinnitus.

  • Old age
  • Constant exposure to loud noises
  • Breaking down of synapses (your communication lines inside your head)


The person which is diagnosed with Tinnitus can hear the following noises one at a time or all at the same time.

  • Ringing
  • Buzzing
  • Whooshing

Tranquility in Tranquillis – How Does It Work?

Well its all the way up to your brain. You see upon intensive research, Howard Briggs stated on his story that tinnitus is a result of our brain’s communication lines inside our brain breaking down. This communication lines or what he said referred as ‘synapses’ in the field of medicine; is the one responsible for the passing of information from one brain cell to another.

And the sounds you kept on hearing are as what he said something similar to the buzzing noise of a phone with unstable signal. The spreading of information and signals within your brain are starting to fail, and if not treated soon can lead to further brain damage.

And that’s the reason why Tranquillis is armed with ingredients that are aimed to boost your memory, repair damage brain cells, strengthen brain networks and more.

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The Secret Ingredients

Tranquillis boast of ingredients that are said to be classified information, for he tells that the medicine industry does not approve of publicizing the information because of how much money they make through selling tinnitus medicine. In any case here are the ‘secret ingredients’ of Tranquilis:

  • Hibiscus and Hawthorn Berry – Is the ingredient duo to which he explained can lessened the buzzing noise for as early as a day. He explained that hibiscus is responsible for ‘cooling down’ the brain while Hawthorn is for reducing panic attacks.
  • Olive leaves – Is an ingredient that he said doesn’t work as fast as the previous ingredient duo, but is great if taken with continuous usage. For he claims that it strengthens your brain networks and some studies even shows that it helps you to become less prone to strokes and ear infections.
  • Niacin or B3 – He explained that this one is a crucial thing to the body for it repairs the DNA of a person, thus gaining back memories that you once cannot remember.
  • Garlic – Is a spice that he explained to improve memory and fights off dementia.
  • Vitamins B6, Buchu Leaves and B12 – Are the ingredients that will help cell rejuvenation and claimed to help your memory remember things and think faster.
  • Green tea – Helps your neural connections multiply in number.
  • Uva ursi and Juniper Berry – This combo is what he said as the one to detoxify your brain
  • Vitamin C – Creates a defense for your brain to be resilient against tinnitus, tumors and Alzheimer.

Where to Buy Tranquillis?

Tranquillis is available for purchase through Howard Briggs’s website and retails for $69 dollars each bottle, but with its current promo Tranquillis offers a discount $20 for each bottle if you buy at least 6 bottles. Good thing is that shipping and handling fee is all free! So you won’t need to worry about stashing extra cash just to avail its shipment. It also claims to give their customer a 60-day money back guarantee

The downside is that Tranquillis only ships around the United States, that’s why if you’re someone who is currently thinking of using this medicine, I’m sorry to tell you but this product is currently unavailable for purchase outside of the United States.

The Verdict on Tranquillis

And finally is the conclusion to finally bring down the judgment towards my Tranquillis review.

First of all, Tranquillis sounds promising, it is created by the very man who experienced tinnitus first hand, have researched it and formulated a remedy with a man who holds a doctor’s degree. And their medicine’s secret ingredients are base of researches that are even approved by the government. For as you can see through the website, links of studies towards the ingredients they used for this are available.

So is it worth the try?

Well for me if you’re so done with spending a lot of money through healing your tinnitus and still not getting results, you might want to try it. Though, bear in mind that this supplement is not FDA approved, so if you’re looking for something that went under the government’s regulations this is not for you.

But for me seeing their so called secret ingredients makes me think if, isn’t it better to just intake those vitamins directly?

I mean green tea, garlic, vitamin C? why not just eat or drink the food sources that provide those vitamins; they will be cheaper for you. But then they said that natural ingredients and modern technology combined makes provides benefits for your body. But if you want to go all natural then do what makes you comfortable.

So then before I end my review of Tranquillis I want to remind you of being wary about this kind of products, which didn’t undergo government’s regulation. Take into consideration your health at all times, don’t wait for some sort of sickness to kick in first before taking a step in being healthy.

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