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Naturally Get Rid of Tinnitus in Just 21 Days: Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Review

Affecting more than two million people in the US, tinnitus is a condition in the ear that, when left untreated, can easily worsen to severe memory loss and dementia.

At present, the average American who suffers from tinnitus spends at least $30,000 a year for treating the symptoms of the illness, but nobody has ever completely healed from the various therapies and medical prescriptions that doctors recommend. This is until Todd Carson discovered a surprisingly easy and natural way of treating this widespread condition. Find out more in this detailed review of Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson).

What Causes Tinnitus? The Truth Versus What Doctors Make You Believe

For years, the tinnitus treatment industry has ballooned into a $10 billion dollar industry. Despite this, no one has reported actually getting their tinnitus treated for good. The trick of mainstream medical practitioners is that they only give prescriptions of drugs that deal with the symptoms of tinnitus (such as depression and increased irritability), but not the root cause itself.

These professionals further claim that the cause of tinnitus is still up for debate. However, the reality is that tinnitus is caused by the damage of nerve fats called myelin sheath, which send signals to the brain so that we can “hear” them as sounds.

Myelin Sheath Damage: Neurodegeneration

The progressive damage or thinning of the myelin sheath, which is called neurodegeneration, scrambles the electrical signals that are supposed to be sent to the brain and cause “interference”, which tinnitus patients in turn “hear” as recurrent, ringing or hissing noises in their ears, even if there are no such sounds in the surroundings.

What is worse about neurodegeneration is that it is also the leading cause of memory loss and dementia. But since doctors do not reveal this information to their patients, more and more people continue to suffer from tinnitus, and succumb to much-worse illnesses like hyperacusis or the extreme sensitivity to sound, anxiety, depression, and dementia, which therefore gives them more opportunity to make a profit.

Todd Carson is one of the few individuals who have deciphered this scheme and figured out a way to treat tinnitus naturally and easily.

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About Todd Carson

Todd Carson is a retired US military police officer whose wife Jo suffered from Severe Disabling Tinnitus (SDT). The incessant ringing in his 46-year-old spouse’s ears, which she soon named the “screaming monster”, tore their family apart, drove her into depression and anxiety, and caused her to suffer from severe memory loss that was later labelled as an early sign of dementia.

Before retiring from service, Todd Carson was assigned to Okinawa where he found a small island offshore called Tonaki, which led to his accidental discovery of a simple and natural way to treat tinnitus.

Tonaki was an island with a population of only 400 people. Nobody suffered from tinnitus despite being exposed to Operation Iceberg, also known as the Battle of Okinawa, which was known to be one of the bloodiest and loudest battle of World War II.

The 82-day warfare should have caused tinnitus amongst the residents, just like how US veterans have suffered from as a result, but miraculously, the victims of tinnitus or even hearing loss in Tonaki is less than 1%.

What is the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson)?

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is a result of seven months of research of Todd Carson and his friend Stan Shaw, who is a medical researcher at an Ivy League University.

Carson obtained a recipe list from a local in Tonaki that contained food—food which are central to their diet, and have allowed them to live longer than anyone in the world, and completely free from tinnitus and other age-related diseases. In other words, the people of Tonaki have healthy myelin sheath because of the nutrients of the food that are staples in their diet.

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol contains a detailed walkthrough of adding a simple smoothie recipe to your diet that contains these basic ingredients:

  • Quercetin is a natural ingredient found in high amounts in the Okinawan purple sweet potato known as “imo”. This is a strong antioxidant that repairs myelin sheaths.
  • Found in the Okinawan seaweed “kombu”, this ingredient is in charge of myelin sheath production.
  • Myelin sheaths are made of lecithin, and eating food with high levels of lecithin not only aids in restoration, but also strengthening of the nerve fats.

The Benefits 

The main benefit of using Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is that it is natural, and therefore completely safe to use. What is more is that it does not only cure tinnitus and its symptoms; it also saves you from other very serious conditions such as dementia, memory loss, and depression, which are often caused by untreated and worsened tinnitus.

What is the Success Rate of the product? 

Based on several Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol reviews, the protocol has worked for every person who has tried it. In short, it has a 100% success rate, or your money back.

Every beta tester of the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol that the Carsons gathered before publicly releasing the product reported positive and astounding results in as early as two weeks from starting. The same is true for the 50,000 Americans that have tried the protocol at present.

Results According to Users

The protocol has helped at least 50,000 people with stellar results. The following are just some of the results of the product, according to Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) reviews:

  • Improved sleep
  • Restored hearing
  • Less physical and oxidative stress
  • Healthier lifestyle
  • Better relationships and social interaction
  • Improved memory and mood

Where Can I Get My Own Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson)?

You may purchase your own Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol using this link. The purchase is only one-time; therefore there are no hidden charges or monthly costs. After buying, it is yours forever, and even includes three products that are completely free:

  • The Binaural Beats for Tinnitus Audio Series
  • The Yoga for Tinnitus Video Series
  • Tinnitus Trigger Foods

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol (Todd Carson) Price

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol has a market value of $1,000, but it is only priced at $57. For a limited time, the protocol is offered at $37 via this link.

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is your $37-dollar ticket to living a healthy life free from neurodegeneration!


There is no harm in trying Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol. it has a 100% success rate as attested by thousands of users in their online Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol reviews. If you are not satisfied with the product, there is always the 60-day money back guarantee that comes with the purchase. Who doesn’t want to live a heathy life free of tinnitus?

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