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The Faith Diet Reviews [Simon White UPDATE] Biblical Solution To Weight Loss?

It is crucial to find a way in order to achieve a healthy weight. No need to worry though, because there is a heavily popular weight loss program that has proven itself truly effective for many people who availed and tried it: The Faith Diet program by Simon White! It is a weight loss book created by a previously military chaplain, Simon White, and this The Faith Diet review would help both men and women become more dedicated towards a lifestyle change for a better and healthier body!

The Faith Diet Product Details

Name: The Faith Diet

Author: Simon White

Price: Previously $124, it is now discounted at a price of $37!

Where to Buy: www.thefaithdiet.com

Number of Books Included: 5 books in pdf format

Refund: Money-back guarantee for 60 days

Bonus: 4 bonus e-books (valued at $97!)

An Overview 

The general idea of the Faith Diet books is based on what is written in the Bible. Simon White has taken the biblical techniques to design a weight loss program aimed to help people get rid of persistent extra weight and is also targeted at getting rid of the stubborn belly fat within a short period of time. Basically, the Faith Diet is asking its users to believe in their diet plan, because when the mind has a strong will to achieve a goal, everything else will follow.

Since the Faith Diet is relying on biblical weight loss knowledge that can be traced back in the ancient times, it definitely has been tried and tested through generations, but it has also been backed by numerous studies today. So if you follow the program thoroughly, you can see legit results! In the Faith Diet books, you will find the 12 specific ingredients that are capable of removing excess belly fats, essentially by seemingly melting them. Of course, the effectiveness of the said ingredients is dependent on how strictly you follow the guidelines in the book. Being overweight or obese is not only damaging to health, but also to one’s self-esteem, and Simon White knew that. So, is the Faith Diet program for you? Let’s go and delve deeper!

How does The Faith Diet work?

If gaining weight is so easy, why is losing a few pounds so difficult to do? The question has frustrated so many people around the world and almost all weight loss programs are telling people that the surest way in losing weight is to stop eating fat-rich food, avoid carbohydrates (sugar) as much as possible, and stick with basically unsavory food. There are also expensive weight loss pills being advertised as legit, but it always turns out to be another scam. No wonder it is making people give up shedding weight entirely, but the Faith Diet system uses an ancient method to make one’s weight loss journey easier. In fact, Simon White does not require people to completely eliminate fatty food from their daily diet. The Faith Diet program even recommends adding more fat in the diet for faster results. The added benefit is that you can still eat good food while shedding off extra weight. It is explained in the books that there are “good fats” that the body needs to properly function and activate smoother metabolism by having a better digestive function. Such claim in not unfounded, because quick search online would provide a lot of scientific articles proving that consuming “good fats” is good for the metabolism.

The Faith Diet is going to teach people on what to eat and how much of a certain food is needed every day. Simon White claims that having a balanced diet is not enough, because a portion control is better. Proportioning different type of food, based on what is needed depending on activities for the day, is guaranteed to give the body exactly what it needs, so it does not leave room for the body to store fats or carbohydrates. Although visiting the gym is not required by the Faith Diet program, it still requires some home exercise in order to see faster results but going to the gym is definitely a personal choice.

What are the contents of the book?

The book consists of 7 CHAPTERS with the following chapter titles:

  1. Fat Loss and Why Your Age is Not Against You
  2. The Hormone Reset for Rapid Fat Loss
  3. The Ketogenic Way to Rapid Fat Loss
  4. The 7-Day Meal Plan
  5. The HIIT Way to Rapid Fat Loss
  6. Fat Loss Life Skills
  7. Now, It’s Up to You

The Faith Diet System has the following benefits:

  1. Weight-loss program that would help boost energy, instead of draining it
  2. Guide for daily food selection
  3. Losing excess weight without toiling at the gym
  4. All the nutrients, minerals, and herbs you needed to consume within a 21-day timeline for better body functioning
  5. Every day recommended habits for faster weight loss


Everyone loves bonuses and discounts! So, Simon White is not only going to give you the Faith Diet book alone, there are also 4 bonus e-books that could aid your weight loss journey with the following titles:

  • What Would Christ Eat? The Food Shopping Gospel!

This bonus book would give you all the details you needed to know about the food mentioned in the Bible that can eliminate excess fat from your body. At present, there are so many junk foods available in the market, so this would offer alternative healthy snacks you can eat instead.

  • The Lazarus Discover: Fat Healing System

This would give you complete information on how the body fat help in burning all the extra weight you just cannot shed for so long!

  • The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide

Weight loss journey is not easy and there would be times when you just wanted to give up. So, this bonus book reveals all the techniques needed to keep you motivated and relaxed despite the daily stress that you might encounter along the journey.

  • The Guardian Angel: Fat Burning Encyclopedia

It consists of the methods capable of shedding excess fat from your body, especially from your belly, by giving details about portion control and easy daily exercises you can do at home.

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Main Lessons from the Faith Diet Program

There are many things to learn from the book and it is guaranteed to be friendly to people struggling with weight, but for this The Faith Diet review, here are three of the main lessons from Simon White that struck me the most:

Appetite Control

When you are used to eating as much you want and any time you want, it would be incredibly difficult to keep up with daily diet plan. Simon White revealed all the details on how to curb a strong appetite so that the body does not crave more than it needed. The book gives recommendations on daily food selections that would make you feel full and healthy.

Avoiding Eating Disorders

Starting a weight loss journey is difficult for anyone and it sometimes, predisposes people to eating disorders because they can get desperate for faster results. The Faith Diet book would not require you to count calories or stop eating at all. It would teach you all the ways overcome overeating, while keeping your food cravings satisfied.

The Holy Spirit as the Weight-loss Mentor

As a previous military chaplain, Simon White thinks that God also cares about our diet, because He wants us to be healthy. The Faith Diet programs details the ways to depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance about daily food plan and exercises.


There are many reasons why the Faith Diet program is such a steal for $37!

  1. Step-by-step guidelines about daily exercise and diet plan
  2. Timetable of the recommended herbs and minerals for faster weight loss
  3. Faith Diet program can be applied by people with diabetes
  4. No need to spend hours in the gym
  5. No need to stop eating
  6. No need to buy expensive weight loss pills
  7. 100% refund available for 60 days since purchase
  8. Can be applied by both men and women of any age
  9. Overall healthier body


Like anything else, there are also cons to the Faith Diet book and you can see for yourself if it’s still worth it, despite some shortcomings.

  1. Effective for many people, but it might not be effective for you. Each body is different, so the Faith Diet program still needs personal patience and effort.
  2. Only comes in digital format and no physical copy of the book has been published. You need a computer, smartphone, tablet, or kindle to access the book.
  3. Contains many new information, so it might be overwhelming at first
  4. Since it’s only a written guide, it may not be easy to follow the program for your first few tries.
  5. Requires you to pay in full ($37) to get access to the book

Final Verdict

This is an amazing weight loss book for people with busy schedules and no time for a grueling session at the gym. The 12 secret ingredients for better and faster weight loss is also easy to find. In addition, it can keep you motivated throughout the program and if you follow the program strictly, you may see results as early as 2 weeks to 30 days (based on online testimonials you can find in the website of the Faith Diet).

However, it is heavily dependent on the Holy Bible and has Christian principles all throughout the book, so it may be difficult for people of different religion or non-believers. Aside from that though, it is definitely a program that is worth checking out, considering that it only costs $37, which is more affordable than other weight loss programs or pills available in the market.

So I hope The Faith Diet review I have made can help you decide, as you weigh in the pros and cons of following the Faith Diet program.

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