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Sleepgram Pillow Review: Does it make you sleep better?

A good sleep powers you up for the day but it is not always achieved by everyone. So how do you make sure that you get enough sleep?

Sleepgram Pillow promises you that you will get that rest you deserve after a long day. But does it really make you sleep better?

We will find out on this Sleepgram Pillow Review.

What is Sleepgram Pillow?

Sleepgram Pillow is made up of feather that is designed to allow balance inside the bedroom. It is designed with soft, down outside perimeter that allows the inner layer to be firmer which is much filled with feathers. This feature is said to support you neck thus makes you sleep better and wake up with no neck pain at all.

According to the manufacturers of Sleepgram Pillow, the feathers are used to trap the heat letting you to sleep better with a cool feeling. Sleepgram uses high quality materials  which allows it to withstand time while being machine washable.

The Sleepgram Pillow’s Backstory

According to their website, Sleepgram was designed after the wife of one of its co-founder, Logan Nowell, had sleepless nights.

Logan Nowell’s wife tried to use several mattresses only to find out that the reason why they are unable to sleep well at night is because of the pillow they use. They shared this experience to another co-founder Leo Haury and that is when they decided to create their very own pillow.

The website clearly states that the two co-founders do not have the expertise when it comes to the sleep industry.

What are the causes of poor sleep?

There are plenty of reasons as to why people are deprived of sleep. Some of which are:

  • Depression
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Chronic diseases

To better your quality of sleep, you may do the following:

  • Follow a routine for your sleep and wake up time. Follow this every day
  • Do not eat 2-3 hours before bed
  • If you are still unable to sleep, you may go to another room, do some reading until you feel sleepy and then go back to the bedroom
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep the room dark and quite with a cool temperature
  • Turn off electronic devices such as cellphones when you are about to go to bed

How does Sleepgram Works?

Sleepgram is composed of 3 layers which work together to support your spine.

The outer layers are filled with ultra soft duck down, which according to their website makes you feel better since it cools your sleeping. The inner layers, are filled with thicker white duck feather filling, which provides firmness for support and softness for comfort.

The Advantages of using Sleepgram

  • Allows you to sleep better at night
  • Provides cooler sleep
  • Supports your spine regardless of your sleeping position
  • Can be washed by a machine
  • 60 nights money back guarantee

Disadvantages of Sleepgram

There are no reported cons of using Sleepgram but you will see some customer feedback about the not so good stuff about the product in review.

Customer reviews and testimonials

“I must say that this pillow is the best I have slept on. I travel a lot and  end up sleeping in different hotels and I suggest that they start using Sleepgram . I can’t find the exact words to describe how Sleepgram made me feel. I am just impressed. My fine also says that I no longer snore! Amazing right?” – Amazon customer

“I already bought a dozen of pillow hoping that I will get the comfort and support I need. Then I had Sleepgram. You can simply adjust the firmness of the pillow based on your need and I am pretty sure a lot of people will love this pillow too. This is the best pillow I have ever owned. I highly recommend this to everyone.” – Kevin

“I have Fibromylgia and also Rheumatoid Arthritis so most of the time I am just in bed. I have tried different styles of pillow, from goose down to synthetic ones. But so far, Sleepgram is the best pillow and I really enjoy using it.” – Fusun Charles

“It is comfy and soft yet allows support. I usually sleep on my side and most of the time I wake up with  a painful neck. Sleepgram allows me to wake up without feeling any pain. I am so amazed that I can sleep continuously at night without the need to adjust the pillow several times at night.” –Donajay

“Pillow retains a lot of heat” – Sandy

“I don’t like this pillow because it makes too much noise whenever I roll my head. It kept me awake at night. I tried to use it for just one night but then I went back to using my old pillow.” – JD

“This is the most ridiculous pillow I had. It is heavy but it does not have any substance. I will just return it.” – Janis Mcelhaney

“I don’t anything about this pillow. After I put it in the dryer, it gets difficult to put back the pillow inside the zippered case. The zipper case also sounded like you are on a rubber sheet. It is uncomfortable. I’ll return this back.” – Game crazy


True enough, if you are using the wrong pillow, you might have difficulty sleeping. Sleepgram might be able to improve the quality of your sleep since the result will still depend on the user.

Remember that you must always consider your sleeping position in choosing the pillow you are to use. Also, the tips above might help you sleep better too.

If you feel like this pillow will be able to help you sleep better, you can go ahead and purchase it for $79.99 and if it does not work, you may go ahead and return it within 60 nights of usage.

You may visit their website at https://sleepgram.com or you may also call them at 877 257 5337.

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