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Salus Defense Review: Why should you buy it?

Health is Wealth as the popular saying goes but not everyone treasures health as it should be. We often took our health for granted and we only focus on how we look.

So here comes Salus Defense Silver Liquid which claims that it can make cleanse your digestive system and make your body a whole lot healthier.

But does it really work? Will it be worth the money spent? We will find out on my Salus Defense Structured Liquid Review.

Salus Defense Structured Silver Liquid Overview

Salus Defense Structured Silver is a new pharmaceutical formula that claims to provide positive results to your health.

As the name implies, this formula has silver. Silver is known to have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This formula aims to cure and reduce the risk of pathogen infestation in the body to guarantee a healthier body.

It is composed of combined silver and water particles that traps and kills the bacteria in the blood stream.

Salus Defense Structured Silver Liquid is a doctor approved formula.  It was Dr Bryan Frank who influenced the product to include silver in it. As he further explained, silver is very helpful to fight infections and gastrointestinal illness.

They claim that unlike any other product that includes silver, Salus Defense Structured Silver Liquid is a combination of structured silver. They believed that once this type of silver is removed from the body, it will bring the bad bacteria, germs and viruses with it.

Salus Defense, on the other hand, is a pharmaceutical company who also focuses on wellness. They have been working with silver to provide health benefits and so far they have been successful in it.

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How does Salus Defense Structured Silver Work?

Structured silver is not purely silver but it also has a higher ratio of silver.

Its two main components are silver and a special type of water that is prepared to exhibit complex molecule structure. With this, it will be able to have an increased alkaline level which will then kill pathogens and various bacteria.

Once this happens, diseases and toxic elements will not be able to exist in your system. This is because unlike any other silver, Structures silver is basic rather than acidic.

After ingestion, the structured silver water will bond with different bacteria and it will then be destroyed by its electromagnetic energy. The pH level is also managed to ensure that it will not harm the digestive tract in any way.

With this, it will only kill the bad bacteria and not the good ones.

On their website, you won’t be able to see any other instruction but to take 2 tablespoon, twice a day. There is no limitation when it comes to the food you eat. Better yet, consult a doctor prior to buying the supplement.

What can I get from Salus Defense Structured Silver?

  • Cleans your gastrointestinal tract. This is very important since once the digestive system is balanced, it is more likely that you will have a healthier system.
  • Improves your hormonal balance. As mentioned above, unlike any other silver, Structured Silver is more basic than acidic. This will highly influence the body’s function.
  • Betters your skin health. According to their website, structured silver is often used to care for the eyes, ears, throat, acne, nail, fungus etc.
  • Reduces inflammation. By reducing inflammation, you must be able to notice an improved health after using the product.
  • Naturally safe formula.

What are the Disadvantages of Salus Defense Structured Silver?

So far there is no reported side effect of Salus Defense Structured Silver. We will let you know as soon as possible if there is.

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What do customer say about Salus Defense Structured Silver?

I have been looking for the best supplement to help me improve my health. I have been feeling a little bit of sick every now and then and I think it is because my immunity is weak. So I saw this Salus Defense Structured Silver, and I was immediately intrigued by it. I bought it online and I am happy that I did. I feel like I am renewed. I no longer feel sick. I feel energized every day.” – Thomas

“I tried several supplement to help me get rid of toxins. I even tried a diet that says that it will clean my stomach. But it did not work. I felt like nothing will make me feel healthier inside and that is when I saw Salus Defense Structured Silver. I was undecided at first. I felt like it is crazy for someone to ingest silver! But then I said, why not, it is something new so maybe it will work. Happily, it did! I know feel lighter from the inside. Thank you Salus Defense for creating this product.” – Karen

“I tried this product for 3 weeks and it did not do me any good. Plus I had an upset stomach after taking it. I had nausea and headache too but that went away after a few hours. I am just disappointed though. I will not order again.” – Lucy


I cannot fully say that Salus Defense Structured Silver will work for everyone. There is not much customer reviews and a very few Salus Defense Structured Silver Reviews and the website will definitely be biased.

What I can say is that this product promises a lot of things for a cheap price. Instead of buying several supplements that will better your health, why not just buy this product? There are several research and clinical studies that say that Structured Silver really has health benefits.

For $69.99, you will be able to purchase Salus Defense Structured Silver thru their official website. It is much cheaper compared to their online retailer since most of the time it will cost you $89.99 per bottle.

If you want to give it a shot..

Go ahead and visit their website at https://salusdefense.com

You may also contact them at 844 646 1590.

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