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Lean Belly Breakthrough Review – Uncovered

We are going to uncover the secrets of Lean Belly breakthrough, how it started, how it works, and who is it for. In this Lean Belly Breakthrough Review, we’ll also tell you if the program actually works or if it is just a bust. Let us take a look at how it all started.

What is it all about?

The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a program made by a personal fitness trainer, Bruce Krahn to help people lose weight. Considered as an expert in the field of fitness, nutrition, and health, he wanted to make a program that would be beneficial for all. This program is believed to teach you to lose a staggering one pound of belly fat per day. Considered as a breakthrough since the method has been proven scientifically to be efficient, effective, and safe.

Flabby bellies are problems that affect everyone, overweight or not. Detested by men and women and not just it is not so nice to look at, it is also a sign of declining health.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough program aims to help people get rid of flabby bellies, together with the underlying health issues that come with it. Another Lean Belly Breakthrough benefit is that it addresses common health issues are diabetes, depression, and heart and cardiovascular diseases to mention a few. The best part is you don’t need to take any pill and you won’t be forced to implement strict diet.

It is best characterized as an anti-inflammation diet with an emphasis on getting rid of belly fats. Exactly what the name implies, a breakthrough in achieving Lean Belly. Designed specifically for individuals above 35 years old across both genders. Dr. Heinrick’s formula is what powers the breakthrough, and does not depend on any sort of external assistance, that is to say via supplements, medication and the like.

While many people are attracted to this kind of diet to cut weight, and belly fats to be unique, the diet additionally addresses other serious ailments linked to persistent inflammation.

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who is it for?

The program is available to everyone – even those who aren’t losing weight and just wants to be healthy. Although the Lean Belly Breakthrough is specifically made for people in their 50s and above, it’s better to prevent bad things from happening than curing them, right? The program is actually loved and liked by young people as well as it gave positive results to them.

People who exercise know exactly how hard it is to eliminate belly fats. No matter how rigorous your exercise regimen is, that fat around your belly is the last to go. With Lean Belly Breakthrough, you will cut down weight without starving yourself. No surgery needed and you don’t have to watch your calorie intake. The step-by-step instructions are so doable, that the program is aimed primarily at older people.

How does the Lean Belly Breakthrough work?

The program is so comprehensive that it has all the things you need gearing towards leaner and healthier life. No need for a gym membership, no equipment needed. Simply do it in the comfort of your own home; literally anywhere you like.

The program includes a list of food and beverages you need to avoid. In addition, you will learn more about nutrition and other ingredients you can have for your improvement. You will be introduced to the different spices and herbs that your body needs in clearing out toxins. Thus, transforming not just your body, and health, but also your life.

Known as visceral fat (belly fat), is known to be dangerous as it may heighten the risk of acquiring diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Removing visceral fat will not just give a more toned body, but it will also keep you healthy overall.


  • Specifically eliminates belly fat;
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease;
  • Simple and easy to follow;
  • Great food options; and
  • Helps against joint pains


  • It promises overall satisfaction and contentment with physique – it does not promise to take care and get rid of serious problems like heart diseases, etc.
  • The program can only be bought online and it doesn’t have a hard copy.

Reviews and Testimonials 

There are a lot of Lean Belly Breakthrough Reviews and testimonials that promise improvement in overall physique and health. On a common note, people who tried the program all talked about how they had better lives after undergoing the system.

Not only that they had better physiques because of the program, they also report that they’ve never been that comfortable before and that the pound per day “myth” is actually legit. So if you guys still think that this program is a scam, better think again.

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What side effects does the program have?

The program,  overall is 100% natural with 0 side effects. You won’t have to take anything, and you don’t have to use anything. This system will simply teach you to eat and live a healthier life by knowing which food to avoid. The Lean Belly Breakthrough program comprises of workout videos and different meal plans and recommendations that will ultimately help people achieve weight and health goals.

No side effects or no negative complications – definitely worry free.

Who created the Lean Belly Breakthrough?

Bruce discovered the program accidentally while attending to his father-in-law who was having a hard time with obesity and heart disease. He suffered a heart attack on a plane on his way to Germany and almost lost his life.

While his father-in-law was in the hospital in Germany, he met. Dr. Heinrick (not his real name). He was the one responsible in saving Bruce’s father-in-law’s life. He gave him and his wife the magical program that helps lose an average of a pound per day.

It was difficult for Bruce to believe it at first since he knows so much about health that what his father-in-law was telling him was impossible. More so, there were no medication or pills needed – no exercise machine or expensive gadgets involved and no strict diet implemented.

But after seeing how effective the program was, and that he knows that it can helpful a lot of people, he then gathered all he can from Dr. Heinrick plus the firsthand experience is father-in-law had and put it into good use.

So does the Lean Belly Breakthrough program works? Here’s what we found out…

Based on the reviews and testimonials, you’ll be surprised how popular this program is. Feedback from people who underwent the program included before and after photos which make them credible. People who have tied it now say how easy it is to get rid of belly fats –how the program turned their life around on a more positive scale.

In comparison, almost all of the Lean Belly Breakthrough reviews are positive, I guess that alone answers the question. It does work and the reviews make me want to try the program. The number speaks for itself – it says one thing. Definitely, the Lean Belly Breakthrough works and it is worth every penny. Absolutely, not a scam.

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