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Fungus Stop Review by Zane Hellas: Is it just another scam?

Fungus is one of the dreaded organisms existing in the world. It makes your skin look unclean, ugly and annoying. That is why it is important to keep your skin fungus free.

Fungus Stop by Zane Hellas promises to eliminate fungus on your nails. But is it effective?

Let’s go ahead and find out through my Fungus Stop review.

What is Fungus Stop?

Fungus Stop is a nail repair formula created by Zane Hellas. Its formula is based on Oregano Essential oil. Oregano is known to have anti bacterial and anti septic properties, thus Hellas team decided to have Oregano as the primary ingredient.

It also contains Organic Calendula Oil, Tea Tree and Almond oil, Vitamin A, C and E etc. It promises to see visible results in just a month of usage.

Let’s talk about the ingredients and how it contributes to Fungus Stop’s effectiveness

As mentioned above, Fungus Stop’s primary ingredient is Oregano since it is well known to eliminate bacterial and fungal infection. Oregano is also an antioxidant which protects the skin from damage.

Virgin Olive Oil is included as it has a useful amount of Vitamin E. It keeps your skin and nails stronger which is necessary to protect it from being infected again.

Tea Tree Oil is commonly used to treat toenail fungus. It contains anti fungal and anti bacterial properties.

The rest of the ingredients are included to eliminate current and future fungal inspection. These ingredients also promote growth of healthy and fungi free toenails.

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Who is behind Fungus Stop?

Zane Hellas is the company behind Fungus Stop. It was founded in 2013 and started out as a family business. It is physically located in Kilkis, Greece.

They are cultivating the best organic Oregano from their own field.

How do I start using Fungus Stop?

Considering that this product is all organic and 100% natural, it is pretty safe to use. So you don’t have to worry about putting too much of the oil on the infected area.

So start with, apply a thin layer of Fungus Stop solution on the infected nail. Just make sure that you do not touch the skin that surrounds it.

Wait for about 10 minutes, maximum of 15, to allow the solution to be absorbed by the nail. It is also advisable that you file the nail so that it will be easier for the solution to be absorbed.

After this, you may put your socks or your shoes on. To prevent the spread of the fungal infection, make sure that you wash your hand after applying the solution on the infected area.

It is highly recommended that you apply fungus Stop twice a day for better and faster results.

What are the advantages of using Fungus Stop?

  • Fungus Stop uses all natural and organic ingredients
  • Effectively reduces the visibility of fungus in just a few days
  • Eliminates even the most stubborn fungus
  • Can be used with other topical creams
  • Easy to apply
  • Powerful yet safe formula
  • Affordable compared to other brands

What about the disadvantages?

  • Comes in a small bottle
  • You might consume more than 2 bottles if you are dealing with a severe fungal infection
  • Cannot be used if you are pregnant

Testimonials from Verified Customers

These testimonies and feedbacks are from various website and Fungus Stop Reviews.

“This thing works miracles! I had a really dark fungal nail for the past years. I tried almost every topical ointment in the market but nothing seems to work for me. I even had a laser treatment just to have it treated! Until I bumped into Fungus Stop. After a few research on the product, I decided to purchase one. I was so happy to see that the nail that used to be infected by fungus had fallen off and a healthy fungus-free nail is starting to grow! I am extremely happy! This indeed works. Thank you. Thank you very much!” –  Robin

“I used to have fungus toenail on my 2nd toe as well as on my pinky. I started using this product for a month. In just a few days, I saw changes. Considering the price and the instant result, it is worth every penny.” – Mrs. Queen

“After I purchased Fungus Stop, I immediately tried to use it. After a few weeks, I saw a change in the color of my skin. It keeps getting darker. Later on, I noticed that my skin is starting to peel off. I guess I did not follow the directions properly. The oil spread to the skin and it caused my skin to look dark. I just stopped using Fungus Stop. “ – Mr. Sca

“I never thought that I will be allergic to this product. After I used it, I had rashes on the skin surrounding the infected nail. Then it spread! I had blisters and it was worse than the fungal infection. I had to consult a doctor and he prescribed a topical ointment instead. Be careful in using this!!” – Amazon Customer

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Final Thoughts

What I like the most about the product is that it is all natural. I guess I am just more confident to use an all natural and organic product compared to those that has chemicals.

Second, it is cheaper compared to their competitors. For only $49.99, you will be able to stop the infection and be able to flaunt your pretty feet again!

Considering the high rating provided by customers, I’d highly recommend this product. Just be careful in applying it. You don’t want your skin to get burned or something right?

It will always be advisable to seek an advice from your physician before applying anything anywhere, especially if that part is already infected.

So if you are convinced by my Fungus Stop review..

Go ahead and visit their website at https://www.zanehellas.com

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed it!

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