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Fungus Hack by Nutrition Hacks Review – Is it a scam?

In the U.S. alone, 30 million Americans are infected with toenail fungus. Unhealthy lifestyle and poor hygiene are said to be the reasons of fungal infections. Fungus is a serious complication that affects not only your toenails but also affects other parts of the body. People have been trying to find different solutions to this problem over time and tried different medications in vain – one option you can have is the Fungus Hack by Nutrition Hacks. In this Fungus Hack review, we will be discussing how this program can help people with fungus. Moreover, what benefits it can give to other individuals.

You don’t have to worry again if you are a victim of fungal infections. Fungus Hack is one of the best medications against fungal infections and restores your health. We’ll be finding out whether this is just another scam or a breakthrough that a lot of people with fungal infection are waiting for.

What is Fungus Hack?

Fungus Hack is a clinically tested dietary supplement that reverses yellow plague growing beneath your toenails. It has been clinically proven and was developed by Brett Johnson. This product contains natural antibiotics and natural ingredients that help people to get rid of embarrassing toenail fungus.

This product helps in fighting against your nail and skin fungus. It also helps the fight against dangerous toxins. Not only that, with Fungus Hack, you get good digestion, rebounds energy, and prevents diabetes, insomnia, toenail fungus, and joint pain. It helps in rejuvenating your whole body. The benefits of using Fungus Hack is over the top!

Fungus Hack is considered to be the best supplement for curing toenail fungus. It puts together the perfect mix of Japanese conventional common but mystery ingredients. You will experience changes throughout your body, that gives you more energy, resistance control, and smoother skin, among others. if you take this dietary supplement.

Others ask if this is just another scam, I definitely think not!

How does the program works?

Different Fungus Hack reviews online dictate the miracles that the program gave them. To be concrete, The Fungus Hack program works in three (3) stages:

Stage 1

The main difference in the structure of human cell and fungal cell, out of many, is the cell wall. Human cell wall are less resistant compared to fungal cell wall. Therefore, fungus are more resistant to treatment and need special workout. This stage of Fungus Hack targets the fungal cell wall exposing them to damaging compound of the product. It consists of 2 main ingredients:

  • Caprylic Acid. Found in coconut oil and milk. It has a list of medical benefits which includes antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also helps in combating health problems associated with over growth of yeasts. Also, it strengthens the immune system.
  • Grape fruit seed extract. Helps to fight all sorts of infection when taken orally. It kills all the infectious microbes efficiently and has anti oxidant property. In addition, it also reduces digestive issues, relieves athletes foot and nail fungus.

Stage 2

It then makes the fungus vulnerable to the enzymes to organically digest the fungus. The 3 main ingredients in this stage are:

  • Amylase 5000. It digests the fungus starch which is the main source of their energy and reson of their survival.
  • Protease 3500. Protein degrading hydrolytic enzyme that is naturally present in human body.
  • Lipase 1000. It plays essential role in digestion, transport and processing of dietary lipids in various parts of the body.

All of the above mentioned enzymes, break the protein bonds which are the building block of fungal cell wall leaving the fungus defenseless against the Stage 3.

Stage 3

Contains all the ingredients with natural antibiotic properties. They provide anti fungal support.

  • Oregano powder. It contains thymol and carvacrol, two oils with remarkable fungal fighting property. It is an important medicinal heb enrich with antioxidants and nutrients.
  • Black walnut hulls. It contains juglone-a chemical that is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti parasitic and a fungicide. It cures gastrointestinal problems.
  • Lemon grass. It is used in making Vitamin A and natural citral. It is also used for aroma therapy for treating muscular pain. It also makes your nail free from fungus and helps boost immunity.

Who is Brett Johnson?

Brett Johnson is a 61-year old victim of toenail fungus. He lives in Sunny St., Petersburg, Florida with his wife Megan, who also was once a victim of skin fungus.  He had gone through the life devastating event of the toenail fungal infection and doctors had given him a list medication, all of which proved to be ineffective. He nearly lost his life because of the different medications that he took.

These chain of events led to the foundation of this supplement in collaboration with an honest and great company the Nutrition Hack. This relies on taking the recommended dose daily. This dietary supplement contains all the natural ingredients to fight against your foot fungus.

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This product is designed to fix your nail fungus and make your toes looking like normal and healthy before. The natural formula will fight against your fungus in skin, nails, and hair. This supplement penetrates into your skin to completely clear away all types of fungi from the uppermost layer of your skin to your blood vessels.

Fungus Hack will cleanse your whole body system of any spores of fungi and removes away the dirty appearance of your toenail fungus. Most of the users who have written Fungus Hack Reviews online and Testimonials have cured their skin rashes, yellowing nails, and protect from broken nails. This supplement will cure the cause of your toenail fungus and protect against the occurrence of fungal infection. As per the given instructions, you should have to consume two capsules every day with your meal. Finally, you will enjoy your life without awful toenail fungus.


  • Has been proven to enhance the immune function of your body to protect from fungal infection;
  • It clears away all the unhealthy fungus and bacteria from your body;
  • Accelerates skin healing and kills harmful bacteria;
  • Protects the body from harmful respiratory infections and also helps in good digestion;
  • Repairs damaged skin and nails in just a few days; and
  • Reduces the risk of infecting other area since it is taken orally.

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  • Safe to use. It is made with all-natural ingredients. This product has no side effects since it does not contain chemicals or fillers. 0% side effect rating.
  • It has passed all the quality standards. It has been perfectly made and clinically tested. Necessary hygiene has been observed when making this product.
  • Fungus Hack clears out all of your fungal infections forever.
  • Easy to use and affordable. This supplement is taken orally. Each container contains 60 capsules and should be taken 2 capsules daily and promising results are seen within six months.
  • Improves the total function of your body.


  • Sold only online. If you’re interested, you won’t be able to buy them in any pharmacy stores.
  • Lack of information on their website.
  • You need your physician’s advice before using it if you have any other health concerns.
  • No review or testimonial on their website – you would have to rely on other sources testimonials and reviews.

So is Fungus Hack legit? Here’s what we found out

There are many other supplements available for fungal treatment, but none of them seem to provide the better and purest result. None has proven to be as effective as Fungus Hack. Different Fungus Hack Reviews and Testimonials are scattered all over the internet. Most of them, if not all, say that they’re more than satisfied with the product. Moreover, they say that it’s the most appropriate fungal soothing product available.

Guaranteed 100% all natural elements with zero side effect, leaving competition behind. For more details, you can visit their website at www.fungushack.com
to check for discounts and coupons. Worth a try for a happier and healthier life.

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