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Funginix Review: To Trust or Not to Trust?

Fungal infection may be one of the most annoying diseases there is. Imagine that you are on the beach and you can’t wear flipflops and flaunt your amazing feet.

Wouldn’t life be a lot more enjoyable if you get to wear flipflops or sandals whenever you want to? Funginix offers the freedom from fungal toenail infection. But is this product you can trust with a sensitive situation?

That is what we will find out on my Funginix Review.

Funginix and its promise of a healthier skin and nails

Funginix is a topical formula that aims to relieve your toes and nails from fungus. Their website claims that this product starts working in just 2 weeks. It contains several herbs and essential oils which have their very own role in providing you a healthier skin and nails.

One bottle would cost you $50 which is good for one month. If you purchase in bulk, you might also receive discounts.

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Ingredients of Funginix and how it makes the product more effective

Funginix includes an active ingredient that is known to be effective in treating fungal infections. The base ingredient of Funginix allows the product to deeply penetrate in the infected tissue of the toenails.

The table below discusses the ingredients and their contributions to Funginix’ effectiveness. The ingredients used in Fungnix are all approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Undecylenic Acid or Urea- 10% Kills fungus and removes the feeling of itchiness as well as eliminated the burning if the infected tissue. It allows the tissue to heal on its own. It should not be used to children below 2 years old. Must not be used on open wounds especially if there is a pus
Water Dissolves the base ingredient NA
Sweet Almond Oil Allows the rest of the ingredients to be absorbed by the nails and tissues. It is used to limit itchiness and inflammation NA
Oleth 10 Phosphate Serves as an emulsifier. It binds the ingredients together. NA
Triethanolamine Allows the ingredients to be absorbed easier. Watch out for allergic reactions
Polysorbate 20 Serves as an emulsifier. NA
Acrylates Copolymer NA Plastic
Glycerin Moisturizes the skin and nails. NA
Propylene Glycol Dissolves other ingredients. Allergic reactions may occur
Bearberry Extract An herb rich in minerals NA
Beta-Glucan Improves your system’s immunity NA
Propolis Extract Helps fight infections NA
Aloe Barbadensis Soothes inflammation. Not to be applied on deep wounds
Vitamin E Has antioxidants and nourishes the nails. Improves the healing of the infected nail by eliminating free radicals NA
Camphor Relieves you of discomfort NA
Menthol Acts as an anesthesia NA
Tea Tree Leaf Cleans tissue NA
Lavender Oil Prevents the growth of microorganisms. Reduces itchiness and inflammation NA
Clove oil Kills fungi and other microbes NA
Cocoa seed butter Lubricates and moisturizes NA
Rosehip Flower oil Soothes inflammation. NA
Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose Improves the product’s texture NA
Ethylhexyglycerin Reduces inflammation as well as itchiness NA
Phenoxyethanol Eliminates irritation NA

Funginix has a lot of ingredients, as you can see. These might result to allergic reactions. So before you use the product, make sure that you seek your doctor’s advice.

What do I get from this product?

We will now discuss the benefits and advantages of Funginix.

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Results shows in 2 weeks
  • Easy to use since it comes with a brush
  • Cheaper than other brands. You can buy the product for $49.95 per bottle
  • 100% money back guarantee for 30 days
  • The primary ingredient is approved by FDA

What are the side effects and disadvantages?

  • Too many ingredients. This might cause allergic reactions.
  • May cause nail discoloration
  • High risk of reinfection since the brush is stored inside the solution

Customer feedback and testimonials

“I had toenail fungus after I visited a salon. According to my doctor, I won’t be able to treat it since I was breastfeeding. So I decided to go on Amazon and luckily I found Funginix. It tingled on the first few applications since my nail fell off. I simply followed the directions and a month later, I have grown a healthy new nail!” – Amazon customer

“I have been using this for 2 months along with an oral medication as prescribed by my physician. It is working really well on my 10 infected toenails. I apply it twice a day and I noticed the dark yellow spots are fading.” – Susan T.

“I tried Funginix for 3 months and I saw no difference. I simply gave up.” – CD

“I was disappointed since the bottle arrived damaged. It should have a better packaging. I will not order again.” – Frugalman

These testimonies are from different Funginix Reviews and Amazon.

My Final Verdict..

I am not going to tell you directly if this product is worth the money since you would have to spend a couple of dollars for the fungal infection to completely disappear yet, this product is much cheaper than surgeries.

I honestly believe that Funginix is legit it’s just that you have to be very careful in using the product since some customers reported allergic reactions and irritation. It is always advisable to seek for your doctor’s advice prior to using any topical cream for your fungal toenails.

Nonetheless, if you find that this product is not effective as it claims to be, you can always ship back the bottle to the manufacturer and a refund will be processed in two months. So you don’t have to worry about the money itself.

They also offer different packages wherein you will be able to save more. For instance, if you buy 2 bottles for $99.95, you’ll get the 3rd bottle for free. While if you buy 3 bottles for $139.95, you’ll get 2 bottles for free!

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So if you feel like Funginix will work for you..

Feel free to visit their website at http://funginix.com
and order your first bottle. Who knows, this product might work for you.

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