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Clear Guard Review: Is This Exactly What You Are Looking For?

Apparently, this may seems like just any modern antifungal cream. The way how it is applied, its ease of use, and the capability of the ingredients to treat fungal infections are what make it truly exceptional.

This Clear Guard Fungi-Nail review will discuss why those circumstances are so essential. This will also discuss why the formula works, and what you can expect from daily use. Of course, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of Clear Guars Fungi-Nail. You don’t want to have a worse than before fungal infection, so this review will provide the exact answers to these frequent questions that can help you conclude if this Clear Guard Fungi-Nail is exactly what you are looking for.

What is the special formula?

Clear Guard Fungi-Nail consists of two ingredients. The first ingredient is undecylenic acid. This is adopted in many particular types of fungal infection medication and it can be a benefit for a lot of things from a bad foot odor to genitals itchiness, and toenail fungus. It is a fatty acid that prevents or hinders fungal growth. When a fungus cannot maintain to grow and develop, it will ultimately be eliminated.

If you use Clear Guard Fungi-Nail daily, this fatty acid will allow you to see the recovery of your nail. As the fungus maintains to decrease, a new and healthy nail will appear and develop. Sooner or later, the impaired portion of your nail and surrounding area will clear up thoroughly.

Another ingredient in this antifungal pen for Clear Guard Fungi-Nail is isopropyl palmitate. This is an ingredient adopted from coconut oil and it is needed to thicken creams and gels and add moisture. The thickness of this cream is essential, and it is believed that it allows the undecylenic acid to be absorbed in time to pass through into the skin and nail and it will not get cleansed away easily with some sweat or when you are wearing socks or shoes.

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How to properly use it

Applying the actual treatment from this Clear Guard Fungi-Nail product is effortless and adequate and it provides an efficient immediate result.

It uses a firm pen which you can carry with you anywhere anytime, even when you are travelling and sooner you start using a fungal infection, the sooner it will provide relieve and eliminate the fungal infection deep within..

For daily use of the treatment, follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure that your nails and surrounding skin have been completely cleaned and dry. For the reason that the applicator tip can get beneath the nail comfortably, ensuring your nails are trimmed short will provide benefit.
  2. Make sure to use the applicator tip to prevent the cream from touching the damaged area. Make sure to go beneath your toenail, and everywhere around the cuticle. This will aid to remove the current fungus and avoid it from growing to other nails.
  3. Make sure to let the cream dry thoroughly before wearing on socks or shoes.
  4. In order to create a perfect result, apply twice a day both in the morning and at night.

Make sure not to let the applicator tip to touch any detectable fungus. If you accidentally did, clean off the applicator as fine as you could. If you continue to use the applicator tip after it had touched an infected area, the tendency s that the fungal infection will spread to other nails.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As observed above on this Clear Guard Fungi-Nail review, many toenail fungus medication are optional and results varies. Since fungal infections are so usual nowadays, there are lots of products offering the same solutions available in the market. It actually depends on your own judgement as to which product may suit you best.  Just like any other product, this Clear Guard Fungi-Nail has pros and  cons and so we will give you the strongest and the weakest features  of Clear Guard Fungi-Nail.


  1. It targets the origin of the fungus immediately
  2. It is simple to use and apply
  3. Can be brought anywhere
  4. Has proven its effectiveness over the course of years
  5. There are no side effects reported


  1. It can take more than one medication to positively eliminate the infection
  2. It does not work as well on infections that are too severe

The biggest complaint that is reported for this product is that the formula is not strong enough to work with a serious infection. Though can still remove the fungus, it may take longer than usual to see the actual result. In that case, you may need you to buy more than one bottle.

The size and portability of Clear Guard Fungi-Nail are a huge improvement. Unfortunately, that small size also means that it does not always last as long as it is required.

The cost of the product

The producer of Clear Guard Fungi-Nail stated that the products that Kramer produced are available from the pharmacy, drug store, and food retailers’ store. There is also an arrangement on the producer’s website wherein you can route to online wholesaler and retailers to buy this product. You can find it on Amazon and it is sold for $7.99 per 1oz bottle and that comes with a brush.

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Guarantee from the Producers

According to their website, you can get your money refunded if you are not satisfied with the product. All you have to do is mail them the receipt of your purchase or you can remove the label from the bottle and send it back to them. If you no longer have the receipt from the retailer, they will automatically refund you based on Walmart’s price.

Final Verdict

Overall, Clear Guard Fungi Nail may seem to be an effective remedy for some,  but it also has easy to follow instructions and a money back guarantee.

If you want to try it now, you may go ahead and visit https://funginail.com

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